Total Value Wall

Total Value Wall: a green wall

The most sustainable wall for your building

You can find the evidence here

What is a Total Value Wall?

The Total Value Wall is arguably the most functional and sustainable building envelope in the world. This type of wall involves a fully-fledged innovative construction solution with esthetic qualities. This offers a surplus value for residents, costumers, the environment, and the building contractor. But it gets even better: the Total Value Wall represents a completely Belgian innovation. You can read more here.

The benefits of a living wall: The proof

You are not supposed to believe us since our projects speak for themselves. We show unequivocally that the Total Value Wall is a high-end ‘living wall-system’. There are advantages for, on the one hand residents and costumers and, on the other hand, the physical environment surrounding the building.

“You can count with greenery”

Teun Depreeuw,

You can read here how you can count yourself green.

Closing webinar Total Value Wall

‘Optimum use of water flows in an urban environment’
On Wednesday 23 June from 9.30am to 11.15am

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